Capella de la Torre brings you 600 years back in time to the Council of Constance
Capella de la Torre brings you 600 years back in time to the Council of Constance

This year is the 600th anniversary of the start of a major historical event: the 16th Council for the election of a pope. With their new album "Piffarissimo", Capella de la Torre brings you back to this time with festive instrumental music from that period.

Capella de la Torre, a group of six musicians, founded in 2005 by Katharina Bäuml, are known for being specialists in historical performance practice, especially for double reed instruments. The ensemble's aim is to give listeners an immediate experience of the rich and hitherto neglected repertoire of mediaeval and renaissance music by performing it to a professional standard.

“Piffarissimo” is build around the largest congress of the middle ages which took place in Constance: the 16th Council for election of a pope. According to contemporary sources, at least 365 instrumentalist from all over the world stayed in town. With ensembles consisting of shawm, sackbut/slide trumpet and trombone they adorned all occasions with festive music. Capella de la Torre has discovered these facts during their research and developed the idea of a musical retrospective of this important historical event. Since the sources never mentioned the names of composers, Capella de la Torre chose for this CD anonymous works. For this album they reconstructured the music and atmosphere of the Council of Constance during the years 1414-1418. According to the traditional style diversity during the Council compositions of later masters are involved as well with two songs of Oswald von Wolkenstein.



Capella de la Torre
Katharina Bauml/Capella de la Torre/Guglielmo Ebreo/Philippe de Vitry/Guillaume Dufay/Dome nic o da Piacenza/Oswald von Wolkenstein/Gilles Binchois/John Bedingham/Antonio Cornazano/Anonym
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