Ton Koopman celebrates the 300th anniversary of C.P.E. Bach
Ton Koopman celebrates the 300th anniversary of C.P.E. Bach

To celebrate the 300th anniversary of C.P.E. Bach Ton Koopman comes with a new album based around the 6 organ sonatas co

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was the second son of Johann Sebastian Bach. He left a substantial body of work after his death. He left relatively few works for organ. There are several questions surrounding his organ sonatas: did he write five or six of them? In any event, only one of them survives in manuscript, in the collection of Amalia of Prussia.

Princess Anna Amalia, youngest sister of Frederick the Great, played the organ and was the fortunate owner of no fewer than two organs. C.P.E. Bach wrote the sonatas for Anna Amalia and her organ in 1755. On this same organ Ton Koopman recorded this album. The organ stands nowadays in the Kerk Zur Frohen Botschaft in Berlin-Karlshorst. 

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6 organ sonatas

6 organ sonatas

Ton Koopman
Ton Koopman/Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
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