A Golden Label Award for Peter Orth

27-06-2014 A Golden Label Award for Peter Orth

The latest album ‘Diabelli Variations’ of pianist Peter Orth has won a Golden Label. The award was given by Klassiekcentraal.be. The album contains one of the last big compositions for piano from Ludwig Beethoven, 33 Variations on a waltz by Diablli.

You keep listening and re-listening - always a good sign - and hear almost some ragtime in Beethoven, thanks to daring rubato, surprising speed and a variety of musical "jokes" that would have made Beethoven very happy.” Milo Derdeyn Klassiek Centraal

Peter Orth
Peter Orths studied in 1978 under Rudolf Serin and gained entrance into his musical atmosphere. Beethoven’s Diabelli variations was a staple of his repertoire. He and Rudolf Serin discussed on several occasions that it might be a piece for Peter. His confrontation with his playing of the piece planted a seed that took 20 years to take root. 

For more information about this breathtaking album or 30 seconds samples you can click here. 

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