Just The Two Of Us
Rabitsch, Michaela & Pawlik, Robert

Just The Two Of Us

CD | SunnyMoon Records | 0608917324921 | SMR 73249 | 09-05

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About the album

“Just The Two Of Us” is the program and name of the first CD of the duo Michaela Rabitsch (voice, trumpet) and Robert Pawlik (guitar). In addition to numerous band projects and concert tours in various groups, the two full-blooded musicians have always cultivated their small duet. A lot can be expressed with more passion and nuances in an intimate partnership. We experience two people on this debut, who recount their lives in a musical form and let us be partake of them. In addition to their own compositions, we can hear classics such as “Time After Time” or Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” in a new look.

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    • 1
      In The First Days Of Springtime
    • 2
      Moon In The Dark
    • 3
      Just The Two Of Us
    • 4
      Little Wing
    • 5
      Time After Time
    • 6
      This Maquerade
    • 7
      Tren Numero Uno
    • 8
      Stars In The Sky
    • 9
      Sunday Afternoon
    • 10
      Good Morning Vienna

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