Tunes and Cartoons
Charly D'Inverno,

Tunes and Cartoons

1CD | A Records | 0608917315424 | AL 73154 | 01-99

About the album

Charly d'Inferno - guitar | Jan de Haas - vibraphone |Jean Borlee - bass | Tonio Reina - drums

Tunes & Cartoon is Charly d'Inferno’s latest releases. Short and straightforward pieces along with more classical compositions highlights and interpretes a variety of the world’s and musical stories, which mingle in a bouquet of motley, melancholy, cheerful, dreamy or cautic settings. The musical universe that Charly d'Inferno makes up is poetical if seldom humourless. However, his suggestive melodies are not profuse in notes and, austere as they might seem, they aim at perfection. They suggest a sort of restrained warmth, a captivating and lively harmony

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    • 1
      Light brown sugar
    • 2
      Back street
    • 3
      El tango de ramon
    • 4
      Body bop
    • 5
      Allumette su?doise
    • 6
      Basic Instinct
    • 7
      Catch the act
    • 8
      Last time
    • 9
      Caffe paulista
    • 10
      Sophisticated lady; Perdido; Take the A train

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