Things for now
Jim Knapp

Things for now

CD | A Records | 0608917318029 | AL 73180 | 01-99

About the album

Jim Knapp – conductor | Jay Thomas – solo trumpet, flugelhorn | Jay Clayton – vocals | Karen Halsey – french horn | Rob Davis – tenor saxophone, bass clarinet | Jeff Hay – trombone | Greg Metcalf – tenor & baritone saxophone, clarinet | Dave Ritt – bass trombone | Brad Allison – lead trumpet, flugelhorn | John Hansen – piano | Chuck Bergeron – bass | John Wikan - drums | Mark Taylor & Hans Teuber – soprano, alto | Jack Halsey – trumpet, flugelhorn , tenor saxophone, flute

Without Joe Henderson is based on Joe Henderson’s reharmonization of Without a Song. The Peacocks opens with a phased melody texture which becomes the accompaniment for the melody. O Paler Mind is an anagram for “palindrome”, which describes the form of this piece. When it gets half way through, it plays itself backwards to the end (beginning). Singer Jay Clayton joins the orchestra for this version of the beautiful Hoagy Carmichael tune The Nearness Of You. The self descriptive 9 Bar Blues explores the rhythmic styles of straight ahead 4/4, shuffle and 4/4 stride. The first version of Things For Later dates back to around 1972. The final version is from June, 1998. of In the arrangement of Subconcious Lee, the melody is accompanied by its own inversion expressed both
simultaneously and canonically without the benefit of piano and bass. Jay Clayton returns to sing the great Rogers and Hart song Where Or When – one of the few Broadway show tunes to deal with reincarnation. The Little Drummer Boy – a holiday song to be played at the holiday of your choice. Howard Dietz’ and Arthur Schwartz’ Dancing In The Dark, conceived with Fred and Ginger in mind.

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    • 1
      Without Joe Henderson
    • 2
      The peacocks
    • 3
      O paler mind
    • 4
      The nearness of you
    • 5
      9 Bar blues
    • 6
      Things for later
    • 7
      Subconscious Lee
    • 8
      Where or when
    • 9
      The little drummer boy
    • 10
      Dancing in the dark

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