Nine stories from Van der & Van
Grinten, Maarten van der

Nine stories from Van der & Van

1CD | A Records | 0608917319125 | AL 73191 | 01-99

About the album

Maarten van der Grinten   – guitar, cavaquinho
Jesse van Ruller – guitar, acoustic guitars
This duo recording is a celebration of Two:
Soloing and accompanying is equally divided.
There are two of the most beautiful songs of Cole Porter (You Do Something To Me & Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye), two gems of Fred Astaire movies (I Won’t Dance & Too Late Now), two acoustic songs for little men (Little Man You’ve Had a busy Day & Angel Fallen Again –for Maarten’s ever falling son), two grooving originals (New Feet & Rul Grint) and a two-in-one blues (Freight Trane & Chi Chi, interwoven).
Each song tells a story of it’s own, nine stories altogether told by Van der Grinten and Van Ruller.
The highlighting of the Dutch elements in the title and the cover of this album reveals some humble pride for the state of the jazz guitar in the Netherlands.

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    • 1
      You do something to me
    • 2
      Too late now
    • 3
      Angel fallen again
    • 4
      New feet
    • 5
      Ev'ry time we say goodbye
    • 6
      Rul grint
    • 7
      I won't dance
    • 8
      Chi chi
    • 9
      Little man you've had a busy day

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