The gentle ones
J. Moods Quartet

The gentle ones

1CD | A Records | 0608917312324 | AL 73123 | 01-98

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About the album

Matthias Bergmann    -  trumpet
Vincent Helbers    -  piano
Rico de Jeer        -  bass
Laurens Miedema    -  drums
Guest: Tom Beek    -  tenor saxophone

For the members of the J. Moods Quartet, their acoustic music expresses everything.
On one hand, it is the sweet sound of an intimate dialogue between lovers, on another, it is the kind of clarity that comes of solitude for the music and its details, which provides a both raw and vital sound. But the music of the J. Moods Quartet isn’t just raw or elegant, it is both.
Their compositions are inspired by the modal jazz of the late sixties but also by today’s contemporary and popular music. This leads up to a mixture of soul-jazz, hard-bop, modal jazz and popmusic.
Although the repertoire consists of a wide range of different grooves and moods, stylisticly it is still a remarkably strong unit. The groups sensivity to contrast in volume and timbre contributes to the individual and contemporary sound of the J. Moods Quartet.

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