CD | A Records | 0608917315028 | AL 73150 | 01-98

About the album

Rinus Groeneveld - Tenor Saxophone         
Alex Oele - Bass                
Berthil Busstra - Keyboard            
Ron Tromp - Drums                
Anton Goudsmit - Gitaar            
Andy ‘Stewlocks’ - Raps            
Renate Woudstra - Vocals            
Joycelyn Woudstra - Vocals            

With Special Guests ‘Bingo’
2 Proud - Swahili Rap
Benjamin Herman - Alto Saxophone
L’ Eugenie de Paris - French Vocals
Jolanda de Wit - Vocals
Giancarlo Romita - Vocals
Claus Tofft - Percussion
Stefan Kruger - Jungle Drumming

The title says it all - Bingo! With a marvellous casts of guest musicians, Greenfield’s latest recording is by far their most impressive to date. Bingo blends a very cosmopolitan sound complimentary of their international artists with the likes of 2 Proud, a.k.a. the Tanzanian LL Cool J, the French L’Eugenie de Paris with her modern version of ‘Je t’aime, moi non plus’ (a.k.a. The Pleasure) and master rapper Andy ‘Stewlocks’ Ninvalle from British Guyana who’s popularity is a result of his performances on MTV. Guest Benjamin Herman who leads the dynamic group of New Cool Collective, consisting of some of the coolest musicians on the Dutch music scene - playing a fresh and exciting mix of highly danceable soul jazz spiced with latin flavours.. Benjamin is well known on the European Jazz circuit winning many prizes including a six month scholarship to study in New York in 1994.  Bingo - because music has never sounded this good!

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      Go for it
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      Yeyote popote
    • 3
      Year 2000
    • 4
      Magic carpet
    • 5
      The pleasure
    • 6
    • 7
      This strange effect
    • 8
      Meant to be mean
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      What's new
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      Never be trusted
    • 11
      Wonder girl
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