Guillaume de Chassy


1CD | A Records | 0608917315721 | AL 73157 | 01-99

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About the album

Guillaume de Chassy - piano | Olivier Ker Ourio - harmonica | Pierre Drevet - trumpet, flugelhorn | Eric Surménian - acoustic bass | Frédéric Jeanne - drums“Rimes” is Chassy’s most recent and adventurous recording to date. In this album, he tries to capture his listener’s imagination by communicating through a vast range of musical moods: solo meditations (Prélude and Epilogue), African inspired rhythms (Choral), bluesy waltz (Adéle), Latin (Cinq you), flamenco inspired rhythms (Louie, Louie, por buleria), lyrical balade (Lune), medium tempo swing (Bonobos) and Nepalese folksong (Jannu). Throughout this recording, Chassy has presented his love about Jazz in what he terms as “the energy, the swing and the interaction among the musicians, all in an open composing style which has been purified to the maximum in order to give free reign to improvisation”.

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