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Gunde On Garner

Plays Bent Fabric

  • Type CD
  • Label Stunt
  • UPC 0663993091921
  • Catalog number STUCD 9192
  • Release date 29 January 2010
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About the album

The extremely alive-and-kicking composer (and pianist, busi- nessman and much more) Bent Fabricius-Bjerre will soon turn an unfathomable 85, and Gunde On Garner’s new release GUNDE ON GARNER PLAYS BENT FABRIC, is a tribute to one of Denmark’s finest popular composers.

In the late 1940’s Pianist Erroll Garner (1921-1977) created his characteristic style with a swinging left hand and a highly ori- ginal approach to the melodic content of the songs he played. It is said that he was unable to read music, and certainly he interpreted the tunes very freely. He stuck with his particu- lar style till his death, and toured all over the world with his trio. His extroverted style made him enormously popular, and he was not concerned whether the songs he played were jazz standards, pop songs or Tin Pan Alley tunes, as long as he could make them swing.

Very few pianists have modeled themselves after Garner. They found his style too personal and his technique too awe-inspi- ring. However, we have heard that Bent Fabricius-Bjerre liste- ned to him quite a lot in his younger days.

GUNDE ON GARNER, a many generation younger Danish trio, has studied the pianistic genius. They tour Denmark with a repertoire of “songs that could have been played by Garner – if he had only known them”. Their CD from 2007, thus titled, has sold well, and large audiences have taken the trio to heart for their versions of tunes, which Garner did not record. A wonderful concept.

Their concert repertoire includes quite a few Fabricius-Bjerre compositions, so for the composer’s 85th birthday, it was natu- ral to record a whole album exclusively featuring his tunes. We knew that Bent Fabric’s Danish evergreens could swing, but GUNDE ON GARNER’s uninhibited and deeply swinging versions surpass our wildest expectations.

GUNDE ON GARNER – alias pianist Henrik Gunde, bas- sist Nicolas Kock and drummer Steen Holm – have played together since 1995. With enthusiasm and virtuosity, they have maneuvered in a Garner-inspired universe. They have made his music their own, collecting a repertoire of tunes that easily could have been recorded by the grunting man with the hard-swinging, unpredictale left hand. This humorous trio has deliberately taken up where Garner let off: Playing good melo- dies regardless of where they come from. In Garner’s spirit, they examine and revitalize and re-arrange Fabricius-Bjerre’s music with astonishing results. “Songs that could have been played by Garner – if he had only known them.” Hooray – what a party!

GUNDE ON GARNER PLAYS BENT FABRIC is not only a big celebration of the composer’s birthday, it is also a tribute to Garner and all the great, ear-hanging tunes. 

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