Three Point Shot
Jerry Bergonzi - Jacek Kochan - Piotr Lemanczyk

Three Point Shot

CD | Intuition | 0608917130225 | INTCHR 71302 | 05-10

About the album

Jerry Bergonzi has been a saxophonist in great demand for quite some time, from his beginnings with Dave Brubeck until recently with John Abercrombie. He is also an enthusiastic teacher who fills his students with enthusiasm. In additional, he has also written several important textbooks , which are basic works for saxophone students today. 
When he can be seen and heard in Europe, then he works with two musicians who are only known to connoisseurs . But Bergonzi knows exactly that they create an environment for him, which gives him all the freedom that a soloist needs in a small group without harmony instruments. And he proves with this "three-point shot" that he knows how to use this freedom in a unique and exciting way.

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Jerry Bergonzi ist schon lange ein gefragter Saxophonist, von den Anf�ngen bei Dave Brubeck bis j�ngst mit John Abercrombie. Mindestens ebenso bedeutend ist sein Beitrag als Lehrer und Verfasser von wichtigen Lehrwerken (dt. erschienen bei Advance Music). Seit Jahren spielt er mit zwei polnischen Musikern im pianolosen Trio, eine Formation, bei der er seine kraftvollen Soli besonders zur Geltung bringen kann.


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