Dictee - Liber Novus
John Zorn

Dictee - Liber Novus

CD | Tzadik | 0702397738220 | TZAD 7382 | 06-10

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About the album

Radical in both conception and execution, Zorn's studio compositions are among his most personal and unique creations. Owing as much to film as to any musical model, these evocative postmodern tone poems have been described as cinema for your ears. This CD presents two exciting new pieces. The first, Dictée, is a ritualistic homage to Korean/American writer and conceptual artist Theresa Hak-Kyung Cha, whose brilliant work about loss, memory, language and identity is finally receiving due respect. The second piece, Liber Novus is a mythic psychodrama inspired by the legendary Red Book of Carl Jung; scored for keyboards, percussion and sound effects, this is truly Zorn at his best. Two outrageous, intense and poetically beautiful pieces filled with dynamic moments of sonic drama and experimental lyricism on one CD.

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Zwei Kompositionen John Zorns, aufgenommen mit ihm und einer handverlesenen Auswahl von Kennern der Zorn'schen Kompositionsweise und Intentionen. Dictée ist eine Homage an die amerikanisch-koreanische Schriftstellerin und Konzeptkünstlerin Theresa Hak-Kyung Cha, Liber Novus ist ein musikalisches Psychodrama, das vom 'Roten Buch' des Psychologen Carl Jung inspiriert wurde. John Zorn spricht dabei - sehr ungewöhnlich für ihn! - in deutscher Sprache!


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