Matthew Welch


CD | Tzadik | 0702397807728 | TZAD 8077 | 01-11

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About the album

Matthew Welch is an exciting young composer, saxophonist and virtuoso piper who has discovered the hidden nexus of the Celtic and Balinese musical traditions. Matt’s second CD for Tzadik presents two exciting new projects: a beautifully orchestrated opera expanding on the language of minimalism with honesty and originality, and his dynamic touring band Blarvuster, which blends the complex skirls and rhythmic subtleties of the Highland pipes with a vibrant rock sensibility. Featuring the best out of yet another new generation of downtown musicians, this is lush and exotic new music from a fresh new compositional explorer.

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Matthew Welch ist ein hervorragender Musiker (sax, fl), aber fr Blarvuster hat er seine besondere Qualitt als Komponist von Stcken fr von ihm handverlesene Musiker eingebracht. Seine Kenntnis vor allem der keltischen Musik, aber auch z.B. der balinesischen Gamelanmusik ist nicht zu berhren.


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