Mathias Eick


CD | ECM | 0602527432281 | ECM 2743228 | 04-11

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About the album

“Skala” was crafted, Eick explains, like a pop production. Where most ECM discs are famously completed in three or four days, this project began with five weeks in Oslo’s Cabin Recorders Studio. At the outset, Mathias was mostly alone, sketching demos on a variety of instruments, then inviting players in as needed. The project moved on to Bugge Wesseltoft’s studio, vibraphone was added at Pooka Studio, and the album was completed at Rainbow Studio where it was mixed by Mathias, co-producer Manfred Eicher and engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug.

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"That my music sounds so soothing, has everything to do with lyricism. When I compose, the melody is the basis of everything, so my music sounds more harmonious than a lot of other jazz music. Furthermore space is created by using sampled loops, effect pedals and echoes."
Nederlands Dagblad
09-08-2013 ECM 2743228 Mathias Eick Quintet - Skala
15-07-2013 ECM 2743228 Mathias Eick Quintet - Skala
25-02-2013 ECM - Heaven, Mathias Eick-Skala

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