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Reto Suhner Quartet


Product is no longer available
  • Type CD
  • Label Meta Records
  • UPC 4260005960587
  • Catalog number META 058
  • Release date 04 March 11

About the album

Reto Suhner has made his mark as an exceptional and excellent saxophonist. On his new CD release „RUN“ he excels with his outstanding sound and play on the Alto in a string of complex and exciting new compositions recorded in quartet as well as in quartet plus string trio settings. Thanks to a consistent evolution and development, Reto Suhner’s music provides fertile ground for his excellent co-players with whom he has been forming one of the best Swiss jazz ensembles for more than ten years. Four previous albums were the result of this rich and exciting history. „RUN“ represents a climax both in musical and group-dynamic terms: The ensemble in this recording – including Lester Menezes (piano), Fabian Gisler (bass) and Dominik Burkhalter (drums) – no longer exists. After numerous concerts and tours all over Europe and after this excellent recording, Reto Suhner is continuing his project with other players. So that’s the last chance to hear the vivid music of this outstanding quartet about which Tom Gsteiger said: „ This group doesn’t indulge in musical shallowness. Rather, the risk propensity of all players is based on an almost blind trust that has developed over the years and allows this fellowship to immerse in breathtaking group-dynamic processes. Despite their individual virtuosity these musicians follow the Musketeers’ motto “One for all, and all for one”. “

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