Green Side Up

Green Side Up

CD | ILK Music | 5706274002867 | ILK 172 | 07-11

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About the album

Listening to the music of DELIRIUM feels like an exciting journey, delving headlong into the multi-faceted jazz from the northern latitudes. The group, consisting of four leading figures of the European jazz and improvised music scene, three Danes and a Finn; four genuine musical trailblazers of their generation.

“Green Side Up” is their third release, and a follow-up to two critically acclaimed DELIRIUM CDs: “Delirium” (Fiasko Records, 2002) and “Eclexistence” (TUM Records, 2005).

“Green Side Up” was recorded in Copenhagen in the autumn of 2009 after an exceptionally fruitful period for the group, following North American and European tours with performances at such prestigious festivals as The Rochester International Jazz Festival and The Vancouver Jazz Festival.

“Green Side Up” features ten original compositions and brings out a fresh, new perspective of group interplay – an interplay that has been groomed over 12 years of playing together. Tonal fireworks, haunting melodies, locked-in grooves, far-out abstractions, percussive explosions, solid swing, a deep and heartfelt feeling of the blues; the soulful essence of the musical expression of DELIRIUM.
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Ein Finne und drei Dänen bilden die Band 'Delirium', und das bereits seit 12 Jahren. Ist der Name der Formation Programm? Eher nicht: ein Delirium ist ein einsamer Zustand, während das Quartett sich ganz dem Interplay in freier Kommunikation hin gibt. Ausgehend von eigenen Kompositionen wird die Aussage hinter den angedeuteten Melodien und Harmonien erforscht, auf spannende und höchst virtuose Weise. Dass die Band schon auf zahlreichen Festivals international spielte, kann nicht verwundern.


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