Move This
Jonas Johansen

Move This

CD | Stunt | 0663993910727 | STUCD 11072 | 07-11

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About the album

Drummer Jonas Johansen’s group MOVE has existed for almost 20 years. During this time, Johansen has become known as one of the best drum- mers of his generation, documented through his long-term memberships in the DR Big Band, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen’s Trio and many other constellations.
MOVE THIS is MOVE’s fourth album in 20 years, so the band has not been overproduced on the lively Danish jazz scene. On MOVE THIS two of the original members – pianist Ben Besiakow and bassist Anders Christensen - have been replaced by Jacob Christoffersen and Daniel Franck.

The change in personnel has not diluted the musical message. The members are all seasoned musicians with personal forms of expression unswayable by random musical fads. Fredrik Lundin is one of Denmark’s leading saxophonists with a personal sound and original melodic percep- tion. Jonas Johansen is the perfect accompanist. While always tasteful, he also provides the other musicians with a solid, no-nonsense wall to play against. Daniel Franck – younger brother of saxophonist Tomas Franck – plays in many Danish jazz groups, where his supple bass lines contribute to the musical flow. Last but not least: Jacob Christoffersen, a Danish pia- no giant, whose merits span everything from experimental music to pop. During his more than 20-year career he has released only three acclaimed albums as a leader.

MOVE THIS was recorded at the Nilento Studio in Gothenburg, a favo- rite among musicians in recent years. As always, MOVE presents diverse musical landscapes. Sometimes we find ourselves river rafting, sometimes mountain climbing, riding elephants or visiting exotic places. With the exception of one tune, the material consists of originals by Lundin and Johansen.
Jonas Johansen shares a few words about the compositions: “Today I Slept A Little Late – a beautiful melody that Fredrik wrote ten years ago. Resurrecting Benjamin Blue – a tribute to our previous pianist Ben Besiakow. The Perfect Day – the perfect day, cool, life is meaningful. You’re relaxed and deeply grateful to be alive. Coasting – sitting in the car, driving on Highway 1, one arm out of the window, summer breeze in your hair. The Hat – an ode to the leading enthusiast in Danish jazz, Tove Enevoldsen. Cara Mañanera – dedicated to my daughter Carla, and inspired by the solea of flamenco. Montmartre – Lundin’s celebration of the jazz club Montmartre, which had such great importance for his gene- ration. Helt rundt på gulvet – constantly changing meters. Sunny Boatman Street – inspired by the view from my apartment in one of Copenhagen’s canal districts, Christianshavn. Two tunes with Argentine roots: Swaying Gently Sideways – an elegant gentleman idling across Plaza Major in a South American town, and finally, a classic Argentine tune, Alfonsina y el Mar.”

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Drummer als Bandleader sind nach wie vor eine seltene Spezies. Vor allem, wenn sie das für einen so langen Zeitraum wie Jonas Johansen tun: 20 Jahre existiert sein Quartett, auch wenn von der ursprünglichen Besetzung nur noch Fredrik Lundin dabei ist. Aber er ist auch besonders wichtig für den Bandsound: von Lunden stammt die 2. Hälfte der Kompositionen, die andere schreibt Johansen selbst. Das Album - erst das vierte in 20 Jahren! - präsentiert wie gewohnt solide Kompositionskunst kombiniert mit einfallsreichen Improvisationen. Ohne Hektik und Skalenritte, einfach ziemlich relaxt. Im Booklet outet sich Steve Swallow als Fan der Band - der Mann leidet nicht an Geschmacksverirrung!


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