Two Lost Churches
Marc Perrenoud Trio

Two Lost Churches

CD | Double Moon Records | 0608917109528 | DMCHR 71095 | 01-12

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About the album

The Marc Perrenoud Trio with the same band members since 2007 has already been on three tours in South America (2007, 2009 and 2010) as well as given concerts in such different places as Paris, Lyon, Zurich, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Madagascar, Beirut, Damascus and Amman. In addition, they have played at festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival (2009), Jazznojazz Zurich and the Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival (both in 2010). Consequently, it is that much more surprising that "Two Lost Churches" is only the second album of the trio. Perrenoud, about whom the journalist Luca Sabbatini once wrote that there is an "unbelievable fantasy in his melodies, a destructive force, tangible lyric intensity," is really a master of all things who defies any customary categorization. If anything, then what we hear is clearly jazz. However, we also find many influences from other popular styles in his artistic approach. It is a kind of popular music such as Johann Sebastian Bach cultivated. It is a kind of popular music such as Cake celebrates. It is a kind of popular music such as Return To Forever lets us appreciate. There is a suitable term for this in English: attitude. Perrenoud, whose record collection must be very large given the great variety of sounds and associations, seems to display such a pop attitude for jazz (put more aptly: for his jazz) more than clearly. Despite the multifaceted influences on this trio that come to mind, how original and even novel they sound is really impressive. What the trio does with the classic "Autumn Leaves" alone is remarkable in this respect. Marco Müller deserves special praise. He is certainly not an egoist, because he provides a basis for all eight pieces with such stoic composure totally in the background that he is completely inconspicuous. Perfect deception, so that you would never even think of listening to him consciously. However, listening to him is pleasure that you should not miss.

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Perrenoud, dem einst der Journalist Luca Sabbatini  eine „unglaubliche Fantasie in seinen Melodien, eine zerstörerische Kraft, eine greifbare lyrische Intensität“ attestierte, ist wirklich ein Tausendsassa, der sich hier jeder gängigen Kategorisierung entzieht. Wenn überhaupt, dann ist das, was wir hören, eindeutig Jazz. Allerdings finden wir im künstlerischen Ansatz auch viele Anleihen bei anderen populären Stilen. Eine Art populäre Musik, wie sie Johann Sebastian Bach kultivierte. Eine Art populäre Musik, wie sie Cake zelebrieren. Eine Art populäre Musik, wie sie uns Return To Forever nahe brachten. In der englischen Sprache gibt es eine passende Beschreibung dafür: Attitude. Eine solche Pop-Attitüde für den Jazz (besser: für seinen Jazz) scheint Perrenoud, dessen Schallplattensammlung angesichts der vorliegenden Klang- und Assoziationsvielfalt sicher riesig ist, mehr als deutlich aufzuweisen. Beeindruckend, dass trotz der vielfältigen einem in den Sinn kommenden Einflüsse dieses Trio original, wenn nicht gar originell klingt. Alleine was das Trio aus dem Klassiker „Autumn Leaves“ macht, ist in dieser Hinsicht bemerkenswert.

Modern piano trio, but keeps things grounded in the jazz tradition. Nice stuff.
11-02-2012 DMCHR 71095 - Two Lost Churches - Marc Perrenoud Trio - Birdistheworm

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