The Electric Soul Kitchen Vol. 1
Patrick Lehman

The Electric Soul Kitchen Vol. 1

CD | Justin-Time | 0068944024025 | JUST 240 | 11-11

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About the album

The six tracks on Electric Soul Kitchen Vol. 1 were written, arranged and produced by Lehman and cover a myriad of issues and emotions; the innocence of young love, pain and longing, self reflection, frustration over social inequalities,  letting go, and redemption. As Patrick explains “the music has a certain groove that has been drawn from, and inspired by my heroes, but the lyrical content is very personal.”

Patrick Lehman started singing in church at the age of eight. As a teenager, he would often riffle through his parent’s vast vinyl collection. It was then he developed a great love for classic soul, Gospel, RnB, Jazz, rock n'roll and blues. Some of Patrick's many influences include Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Fleetwood Mac, Lauryn Hill, Fugees, Sly and the Family Stone, Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones and Bill Withers. By the time he turned 16, he was performing in local hip-hop shows in his hometown of Montréal, and was even featured as guest vocalist on some recordings with Canadian rap artist Karma Atchykah. Patrick was asked to perform at the 2006 major outdoor event at the Festival International De Jazz De Montréal --- a Paul Simon Tribute Concert, featuring Daniel Lanois, Sam Roberts, Colin James, Elvis Costello, Holly Cole, Jamie Cullum, Arianne Moffatt and others. The show, attended by 150,000 people, was subsequently broadcast on CBC television, and became an important step in Patrick’s career. After releasing a four-song EP in 2006, Patrick Lehman launched his first full length album (Pat Lehman Band) to a packed house May ’07 at Petit Cafe Campus in Montreal which led to performances at the International FestiBlues (Patrick and the Dropbeat Kings were awarded 1st place in the 'Relève du FestiBlues'), the Rhythme Tremblant Series & Montreal FunkFest.  His song ‘Stop Pretending' was placed in the TOP 5 of the Canadian Radiostar Songwriting Competition. 

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Die Gesangskarriere Patrick Lehman begann - wie so häufig - im Kirchenchor, bereits mit 8 Jahren. Dazu kam aber noch die riesige Schallplattensammlung seiner Eltern, wo es ihm die Scheiben von Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac, Lauryn Hill, den Fugees, Bob Marley und Sly and the Family Stone besonders angetan haben. Er begann eine Karriere als Rap-Sänger, aber erweiterte kontinuierlich sein Spektrum. 2006 trat er - mit u.a. Elvis Costello, Holly Cole, Jamie Cullum bei einem Paul Simon Tribute Concert auf, vor 150.000 Menschen und mit Übertragung auf CBC. Seither kennt ihn fast jedes Kind in Kanada. Sein neues Album zeigt seine Qualitäten als Sänger mit R'n'B-, Soul- und auch einigen Hiphop-Anklängen. Eine klare, identifizierbare Stimme voller Schmelz und zupackender Energie - mit diesem Album könnte er auch außerhalb Kanadas für Furore sorgen.


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