Hopscotch (Bigoni-Solborg-Brow)


CD | ILK Music | 5706274002935 | ILK 179 | 11-11

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About the album

Hopscotch - a unique international meeting of competent immigrants. We’re happy and proud to present the debut album of this Italian/Danish/Canadian trio.
The course consists of 10 carefully selected recordings of original compositions written by members of the group: Fabulating melodies and improvisations, open space with room for timbre and nuances, straight up with an edge and much more.

Hopscotch is a musical playground where composed and improvised ideas with aim and purpose are investigated and unfolded. The squares and bases are drawn by equal scotch-hoppers with a passion for consequence and rye bread. Hopscotch jumps - on one or two feet - from one musical space to another with focus on equilibrium and the shared marker.
The music is recorded in one big room with use of ribbon microphones to obtain a rich and warm group-sound. As in a concert.
Hopscotch comes in the original Arigato Pak made from 100% recycled chipboard - no adhesives.

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Drei Musiker 'mit Einwanderungshintergrund' in Dänemark: Marc Solborg ist Halb-Argentinier, Francesco Bigone stammt aus Italien, Kevin Brow aus Kanada. Ein Blick in ihre Pressemappen zeigt, dass sie sich zumindest in die Herzen der Rezensenten gespielt haben. Bigone: 'his sound is more and more mature and impressive' (Musica Jazz, IT), Solborg: 'One of Denmark´s best jazzguitarists right now' (, Brow: 'An outstanding melodic gift on the drumkit.' (All About Jazz New York). Nicht zu unrecht trägt die Platte den Titel Hopscotch: das Hüpfspiel, das bei uns als 'Himmel und Hölle', 'Hopse' (Berlin) oder Kastlsprung (Bayern) bekannt ist. Mit jedem Hüpfer (Titel) wird ein neues Feld betreten, immer frei, assoziativ, vom Augenblick geleitet, aber auch immer wieder Strukturen entwickelnd. Intelligente, moderne freie Improvisation.


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