Taurey Butler
Taurey Butler

Taurey Butler

CD | Justin-Time | 0068944024223 | JUST 242 | 11-11

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About the album

A phenomenal jazz pianist of the highest caliber who has moved thousands of people by his extraordinary talent. Taurey has played in notable venues and at festivals from New York to Hong Kong. People often comment on his resemblance to the young Oscar Peterson, in appearance as well as his winning combination of hard swing and melodic invention. Gratifying as it may be, he backs away from the compliment.  “There’s only one Oscar,” he says. But there is no question that the one Oscar Peterson had a profound effect on Taurey’s life and his music.  This very gifted young man will be releasing his highly anticipated self-titled debut recording (with trio) on the Justin Time label October 25th, 2011. The recording consists of new interpretations of old standards and some fresh originals!

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Sein Lebenslauf zeigt so einige Kurven und Wendungen. Die Konstante war das Pianospiel, schon in der High School stieß er auf Oscar Peterson und sah ihn als Vorbild. Ein Ingenieurs- und ein Japanisch-Studium schloß sich an - aber der Focus blieb immer auf dem Piano. Mittlerweile von New Jersey nach Toronto umgezogen und Profimusiker, ist er hoch anerkannt nicht nur in Nordamerika, sondern bespielte zahlreiche Clubs und Festivals in Südostasien. Erst jetzt erscheint sein Debut-Album, beim kanadischen Label JustinTime, eine feine Mischung aus Standards und Originals.


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