Full Circle
Anderskov Accident

Full Circle

CD | ILK Music | 5706274002928 | ILK 178 | 11-11

About the album

This album documents an unforgettable concert in Copenhagen, February 2011, at the end of a European tour. Expect Anderskov Accident at its best - visionary, spiritual, and enchanted by some incredible musicians.
Danish Pianist and Composer Jacob Anderskov has released fifteen highly acclaimed albums as a Leader. He has been mentioned in several international "best of the year"- listings with every album of his in recent years.
Anderskov Accident, his medium-large ensemble, has been in existence since 1999, has three albums out (Full Circle being the fourth), and has toured in most countries of the western hemisphere.
The lineup of Anderskov Accident has changed gradually over the years. With the present version of the band, with drummer Tom Rainey (coined "the most underrated musician of his generation" by Tim Berne), the outcome is overwhelming. Accident with Tom Rainey is a perfect match, making this album herald a grand new chapter in the saga of the ensemble.

"For those who still didn't know, there is by now no way around realizing that Jacob Anderskov belongs to the most extraordinary artists of contemporary music... A high point in improvised Music..." - Hans-Jürgen von Osterhausen, Jazz Podium, Germany. May 2010.

General info on the band: Anderskov Accident works as a vehicle for what may be the most grandiose, odd and beautiful part of Danish Pianist & Composer Jacob Anderskov’s euvre. The music juxtaposes and unifies new combinations of e.g. writing vs freedom, time vs rubato, broad beats vs solid grooves. Rhythmically, structurally and emotionally, there is nothing like it. Anderskov Accident has constantly had a visionary kind of irrational approach to music. The music can be frenetic one moment, and straight down beautiful or revelatory the next.

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'Einer der außergewöhnlichsten Künstler der aktuellen Musik', meint Hans-Jürgen von Osterhausen im Jazzpodium zu Jacob Anderskov. Sein Ensemble 'Anderskov Accident' ist beileibe kein Unfall, sondern eine seit 1999 bestehende Formation. Mit dieser war er 2010/11 auf Europa-Tour, das letzte Konzert dieser Tour wurde im Februar 2011 in Kopenhagen gegeben, und mitgeschnitten. Faszinierende Klangcollagen, schwebend zwischen freier Improvisation über treibende Grooves und filigrane Bläsersätze, angetrieben vom immer noch zu wenig wahr genommenen Drummer Tom Rainey.


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