Meditations On Christmas
Gunnar Halle / Espen Eriksen

Meditations On Christmas

CD | Grappa | 7033662043453 | GRCD 4345 | 12-11

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About the album

The young duo of Gunnar Halle (trumpet) and Espen Eriksen (piano) present on "Mediation on Christmas," the familiar Christmas hymns in thoughtful new look.

Like a red thread through the plate is a lyrical calm and responsive interaction. The power and message of the Christmas hymns are so strong that it shines through regardless of the light that is placed on them. "The melodies are strong and beautiful. You have to add something personal, and to use themselves and what they do best." Says Gunnar Halle. "It is important to be present in the music and play it with the nerve, otherwise it can become boring and irrelevant, because you have heard the songs so much. The hymns are all well used!"

The music is immensely beautiful, but the listener will also be challenged through improvisations and new arrangements. About the project Halle says: "In 2008 we got a gig at the University. We were to play an afternoon concert in the foyer of the library. It was almost Christmas so we posted a couple of Christmas songs in the program, with completely free improvisation around. We thought it was fun, since the material is known to the public, we could afford that improvisations were experimenting and questioning, and that there is music that we've never played before. the crowd on his side thought this was an exciting music, and an unexpected and great way to play Christmas songs. "

The following year, the duo decided to create a number of concerts in December exclusively with Christmas hymns. "So we met and rehearsed and made some arrangements of the songs. We decided also to keep it quite open, with plenty of room for improvisation. The plan was to hold a few concerts, but the ball is on. It was generally a lot of people to all the concerts, and it was very good response!"

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Das hat nun wirklich eine lange Tradition: Weihnachtslieder, die von Jazzern in eigene Töne gefasst werden. Ein junges Duo hat sich der "Gassenhauer" der einschlägigen Literatur angenommen und schafft es tatsächlich, ihnen einen eigenen Glanz zu geben. Plötzlich klingen sie nicht mehr kitschig, sondern eher verträumt und beruhigend. Etwas was auch an Weihnachten gerne genommen wird...


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