1982: Pintura
Nils Økland, Sigbjørn Apeland, Øyvind Skarbø

1982: Pintura

CD | Hubro | 7033662025107 | HUBRO 2510 | 11-11

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About the album

Pintura is the second album by the original trio 1982. Their eponymous debut LP, released by NORCD in 2008, was one of our absolute favourites that year. On their new album, Pintura, they lift their interaction and experimentation to a new level. 1982 must be designated as a supergroup within the genre of modern, improvised chamber music. The group’s instrumentation is unusual. As far as we know there is no other ensemble playing improvised music using the combination of harmonium, drums and Hardanger fiddle. Fiddler Nils Økland has a background as a folk musician, and is renowned internationally for his innovative playing style. His solo albums on the ECM and Rune Grammofon labels have received glowing reviews. Økland was a member of the Christian Wallumrød Ensemble for several years. Sigbjørn Apeland plays church organ and harmonium. While studying organ he became involved in learning from and playing free jazz with the legendary British drummer John Stevens, and his list of recording credits includes albums with Sigrid Moldestad, folk singers Åsne Valland Nordli, Berit Opheim Versto and Agnes Buen Garnås, electronica innovator Alog, and noise duo Golden Serenades. Drummer Øyvind Skarbø has studied with Terje Isungset and has undertaken study tours to Nigeria and Cuba. He plays with BMX, Kresten Osgood, Per Jørgensen and the Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson, in addition to working with a solo project under the name of DIE, Allroundhandwerker! Skarbø has operated the concert club Øyvind Jazzforum in Bergen since 2006 The album was recorded at Grieg Hall studio in Bergen with technician Davide Bertolini.

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Schlagzeug, Violine, Harmonium - die Besetzung des 'Trio 1982' ist einmalig in der improvisierten Musik. Die erstaunlichen Klanggebilde, die daraus entstehen, bewegen sich oft in Räumen frei improvisierter Begegnung, um dann wieder überraschende Passagen mit groovenden Strukturen zu passieren. Immer aber bleibt eine nachdenkliche, manchmal fast minimalistische Atmosphäre erhalten. In der Reduktion auf wenige Elemente aber kann häufig extrem spannungsgeladene Musik kreiert werden - wie diese Aufnahme belegt!


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