Primare Cantus
Benjamin Duboc

Primare Cantus

CD | Ayler Records | 7320470141892 | AYLER 9899100 | 02-12

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About the album

A 3-disc set offering a panel of bassist Benjamin Duboc’s current work. The first disc focuses on Primare Cantus, a peculiar piece of music, performed only on the tailpiece of the double bass, and mixing the very low register of the instrument with sharper frequencies obtained with bow friction and mouth/breath sounds. The music here moves slowly, very slowly, but is never static, and continuously evolves through micro variations. Disc 2 and 3 then showcase Duboc’s bass in duo and trio settings with regular collaborators Didier Lasserre (percussion), Sylvain Guérineau (tenor sax), Jean-Luc Petit (tenor & baritone sax), Pascal Battus (guitar pickup), Sophie Agnel (piano) and Christian Pruvost (trumpet). Dive in and explore Benjamin Duboc's introspective sonic territories with us.

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Ein fulminantes Werk: Ein Bassist und 3 CDs. Die erste nur mit dem Bass, die zweite im Duo, gelegentlich auch im Trio. Dabei ist gerade die erste gekennzeichnet von unglaublicher Reduktion auf die dem Musiker wesentlichen Klänge - von denen man kaum glaubt, dass sie von einem Kontrabass stammen.


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