Anette von Eichel


CD | Double Moon Records | 0608917110623 | DMCHR 71106 | 09-12

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About the album

Who doesn't know it, the movie from 1962 awarded Oscars and Golden Globes? Of course, it is Breakfast at Tiffany's. The film music, awarded a Grammy, was composed by Henry Mancini, and the title song "Moon River" became the most well known of the pieces. The movie is based on a short novel by Truman Capote, who however had a different plot – and a considerably different end.
Anette von Eichel described how she got the idea to provide the main character Holly Golightly with her own world of music as follows: "I took a trip on a train a while ago. When I arrived at the station, I realized that I didn’t have anything to read with me: no book, no newspaper, nothing. So I stepped into the nearest bookstore. There was a little book that immediately caught my eye because of the beautiful smiling face on the cover, Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote. I guess anyone who reads the title can imagine the book cover I saw in front of me. And though I know that you should never read the book once you have seen the movie, I bought the short novel and got on the train. What shall I tell you: I loved it from page one. I especially loved the heroine with her card: ‘Miss Holiday Golightly, Traveling’ and all her ideas about life and happiness that were at once funny, romantic, melancholic and also at times rather wild. I loved her sense of independence and the open end that the story has: Holly takes her trip to Brazil and is never seen again. "The story and Holly Golightly intrigued me so much that I decided to make a sound-portrait of her character." In doing this, however, she does not use Mancini's music – with the exception of "Moon River" – but instead pieces that seem to be customer-tailored for Holly Golightly, regardless of whether they are standards such as "Moonlight in Vermont", "Speak Low or her own compositions. She created a fantastic blend of nostalgic, dreamy sounds and sassy, rebellious gems.

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Wer kennt ihn nicht, den mit Oscars und Golden Globes ausgezeichneten Kinofilm von 1962: Breakfast at Tiffany´s. Die Filmmusik, mit einem Grammy ausgezeichnet, stammte von Henry Mancini, am bekanntesten wurde der Titel 'Moon River'. Der Film basiert auf einer Novelle von Truman Capote, der allerdings an einigen Stellen eine andere Handlung hat. Anette las fast zufällig auch das Buch: die Geschichte und besonders Holly Golightly haben sie derart fasziniert, dass sie ihr ein eigenes und selten schönes Soundportrait widmete. Dabei allerdings verwendet sie – bis auf 'Moon River' - nicht die Musik Mancini´s,  sondern Stücke, die Holly Golightly auf den Leib geschneidert scheinen, seien es Standards wie 'Moonlight in Vermont' oder 'Speak Low' oder eigene Kompositionen. Es entstand eine wunderbare Melange aus nostalgischen, verträumten Klängen und aus frechen, aufmüpfigen Kleinoden.


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