Symphony No. 5
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra / Manfred Honeck

Symphony No. 5

SACD hybride | Exton | 4526977004606 | OVCL 460 | 02-12

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About the album

This is the fourth volume of Mahler Symphony cycle by Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Manfred Honeck. The previous issue of Mahler 3 won the Gramophone Magazine's Editor's Choice in November 2011, and again the perfect chemistry with the splendid artists and sound engineers blooms in this 5th symphony.

About the music:
Manfred Honeck’s Thoughts on Mahler's Symphony No. 5 (from CD booklet) “… With regard to the difficult rehearsals, Mahler uttered the wish of conducting this opus 50 years later. Now, more than 100 years later, we can happily state that the orchestras' performance culture has developed enormously. Still, the challenge to live up to the spirit and content of this work has not lessened in the least. It needs to be met by a reflection of the traditional playing style, in this case, the old Austrian tradition.” (by Manfred Honeck)

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Explizit österreichische Deutung von Mahlers Fünfter
Der österreichische Dirigent Manfred Honeck begann seine Karriere als Assistent von Claudio Abbado in Wien. Mit Beginn der Saison 2008/2009 ist er Music Director des Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, außerdem erster Gastdirigent der Tschechischen Philharmonie. EXTON veröffentlicht nun Mahlers 5. Sinfonie aus einem explizit österreichischen Blickwinkel mit dem wohl europäischsten klingenden amerikanischen Orchester.

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      Symphony No.5 in C-sharp minor

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