Hirundo Maris
Arianna Savall / Petter Udland Johansen

Hirundo Maris

CD | ECM | 0602527843957 | ECM 2784395 | 05-12

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About the album

Hirundo Maris is Latin for “sea swallow” and, like that bird’s flight, harpist Arianna Savall’s quintet – part early music ensemble, part folk group – drifts on musical currents between Norway and Catalonia, and adds its own songs, created on the wing. Savall and co-leader Petter Udland Johansen have shaped a band with a bright, glistening timbral blend, capped by Arianna’s ice-clear voice, well-equipped to address songs of the north and the south.

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The result is an extremely attractive album with beautiful ancient melodies and seamlessly connecting new material
Klassieke zaken
01-08-2013 ECM 2784395 - Hirundo Maris - Arianna Savall / Petter Udland Johansen - Klassieke zaken

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