Filia Sion
Vox Clamantis - Jaan-Eik Tulve

Filia Sion

CD | ECM | 0028947644996 | ECM 4764499 | 05-12

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About the album

Estonian ensemble Vox Clamantis brings together singers and instrumentalists who share an interest in Gregorian chant as the basis of all European art music. Their interpretation of medieval music is never purely ‘historical’: while always remaining true to the spirit of this repertoire, the approach to the work and the selection of pieces is contemporary. On the present disc, drawing upon the rich tradition in music history on the theme of „Filia Sion“, Vox Clamantis presents medieval music from Gregorian chant to works by Perotinus, Hildegard von Bingen and Petrus Wilhelmi de Grudencz. In the Old Testament, "Filia Sion" – the Daughter of Zion – refers to both the holy city of Jerusalem and the Jewish people who built the Temple on Mount Zion. In medieval Christian tradition, Holy Mary became the incarnation of the Daughter of Zion as the personification of the church.

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