Jazz Live Trio - Concert Series. Vol. 28 (Swiss Radio Days)
Kenny Wheeler / Alan Skidmore / Jazz Live Trio

Jazz Live Trio - Concert Series. Vol. 28 (Swiss Radio Days)

CD | TCB The Montreux Jazz Label | 0725095022828 | TCB 02282 | 05-12

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About the album

As of the late sixties thru the mid-eighties many international Jazz musicians from around the world passed through at the radio in Zurich, to perform concerts, backed by the Swiss Jazz Live Trio and recorded by Swiss Radio. Here is another historic document which shows what was happening during that particular period in Switzerland. Volume 28 features Kenneth (Kenny) Wheeler, Canadian, born Jan.14th 1930 at St. Catherine, who has studied at the Toronto conservatory. With Britain as a base, he became one of Europe’s most formidable and in-demand trumpeters, enjoying an international reputation. Alan Skidmore, one of the top musicians from the UK, is the tenor saxophonist on tracks 3 to six. His relation to Switzerland stems from various participations with the George Gruntz Big Band. The first set was recorded in 1979, the second one 1978 and the third set 1980.

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Von den 60er bis in die 80er Jahre zeichnete das Schweizer Radio zahllose Konzerte auf, die oft mit internationalen Künstlern bestückt waren. Diese Aufnahmen von 1978 und 1979 stellen Kenny Wheeler und Alan Skidmore vor, die von dem Schweizer 'Jazz Live Trio' begleitet wurden. Auf dieser CD finden sich (alle bisher unveröffentlicht!)  zwei Titel mit Wheeler und dem Trio, zwei mit Skidmore und dem Trio - und zwei mit Wheeler und Skidmore, begleitet von dem Trio. Historische Aufnahmen, kenntnisreiche und informative Liner Notes.


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