Sunshine Sunshine or Green as Grass
Simon Toldam Trio

Sunshine Sunshine or Green as Grass

CD | ILK Music | 5706274002997 | ILK 184 | 05-12

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About the album

Simon Toldam Trio releases new album, recorded live in concert in Copenhagen, and released on CD and an exclusive double-vinyl.

In late 2010, after many years of having focused on music that moved in many other directions Toldam, much to his surprise, realized that the new compositions that flowed from the keyboard and onto the paper were compositions that called for, yes even demanded, interpretation by a trio in order to reach their full potential.  

It has become the essence of Toldam. The essence that lies in music that embraces and represents the main parts of his musical life and development – which is a distillate of his experiences as a nine year old with his very first trio to his current collaboration with kindred spirits Nils Davidsen and Knut Finsrud. He has the piano sing with music, bubbling or silently breathed.  

For Toldam the music also expresses a tribute to the rich piano tradition of jazz – from the past and to the modern age. This is the classic trio order in jazz – “Art of the Trio” according to Toldam – his new compositions being played in an inspiring setup.  

From swing to neo-avantgarde. Simon Toldam’s newly formed trio plays music that expresses the full 360 degrees of his musical universe.                   

Knut, Nils & Simon is all major players on the Scandinavian scene, and has through the years collaborated with: Han Bennink, John Tchicai, Marilyn Mazur, Tom Rainy, Eivind Aarset, Nils Petter Molvær, Dave Douglas, Peter Brötzman, Evan Parker , Dave Liebman, Tim Berne, and many more.  

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Wenn ein Pianist bereits mit 9 Jahren seine erste Trio-CD aufgenommen hat, kann man nicht überrascht sein, wenn er wie Simon Toldam mit Anfang 30 bereits als 'alter Hase' gilt. Er wie auch seine Mitmusiker haben schon mit fast allen Musikern der 'free-improv-Szene' gespielt, von Peter Brötzmann bis Evan Parker. Aber eines Tages, bei einer improvisierten Session mit Finsrud und Davidsen entstand die Idee, die Kompositionen von Toldam zu spielen. Die die Roots des Jazz bis zurück in die Swing-Ära als Fundament haben, aber für alle Interpretationen offen sind. Feiner Stoff, live eingespielt, mit diskusionswürdigem Sound, aber zweifellos hervorragender Musik.


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