Duke Ellington
Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington's My People - The Complete Show

CD | Storyville | 0717101843022 | STCD 1018430 | 08-12

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About the album

Duke Ellington’s ‘My People’ opened in Chicago August 16, 1963. Duke Ellington did everything. He wrote the music, the words, directed it and did the orchestrations. There was not enough money involved to hire Duke Ellington’s orchestra. Instead they hired a 16 piece orchestra with Jimmy Jones as the pianist. A recording of the show was made on August 20, 21 and 28 supervised by Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington. The CD contains for the fi rst time the complete show. Duke Ellington in ’My People’ chose the strategy to emphasize the positive achievements of black people to America life, rather than protest against injustice. It had only one minute of social protest written into its script. ‘My People’ is not political. It has social signifi cance, but the accent will be on entertainment.

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Es war vielleicht seine bekannteste Show: 'My People' von Duke Ellington, uraufgeführt in Chicago am 16. August 1963. Schon bisher existierten Teile der Bühnenshow aus der Zeit des Umbruchs in der 'Rassenfrage' der USA. Auf dieser CD ist erstmals das komplette Programm vereint, alle 25 Titel in knapp 80 Minuten. 12 tracks sind weder auf der ursprünglichen Schallplatte noch auf den späteren CD-Auflagen zu hören - eine wahrhaft historischer Schatz!


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