Now & Again
Marcus Klossek Electric Trio

Now & Again

CD | Mons Records | 4260054555390 | MR 874539 | 10-12

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About the album

There are numerous ways to tell stories; from mouth to mouth, recited and sung, through the written word, carved in stone, penciled with quill and ink, thrown by an artist colourfully onto canvas...
Marcus Klossek reaches for his guitar, and we listen spellbound to the rhythms and melodies that he and his Electric Trio (including Roland Fidezius – bass, and Philipp Bernhardt – drums) develop in front of us. Whether chapters of a novel or complex verses of poetry, the composer and guitarist Marcus Klossek manages with his playing to allow an intensely vivid and heartfelt story structure to emerge in our mind's eye. As though sketched by a light hand, aural images of a captivating density emerge; powerful like "Into The Storm', wildly swinging like "Overground" and full of subtle tension like "On Your Way". At the very end, he dedicates a guitar solo to the unforgotten H. Knef on "I'm too tired…". Written by Charly Niessen in the '60s, it can almost be regarded as a German jazz standard, and offers the perfect ending alongside "Now & Again".
"I don't need to show anyone or prove that I can play guitar" said Marcus Klossek about the intentions behind his compositions and his playing. He continued: "I've been writing pieces for twenty years and it has always been important to me that the story is heard first and then the guitar...".
Shrouded in modesty, he has toured countless clubs and festivals since his music studies at the University of Arts in Amsterdam. He has also for a longtime been an instructor for guitar and ensembles in Berlin. Incidentally, his virtuoso guitar playing has made him one of the busiest musicians on the German scene.
The really good stories don't need to be flashy and loud in order to lodge themselves firmly in our hearts...

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Es gibt mannigfaltige Möglichkeiten Geschichten zu erzählen. Von Mund zu Mund, deklamiert und gesungen, das geschriebene Wort, in Stein gemeißelt, fein gezeichnet mit Federkiel und Tusche, von Künstlerhand vielfarbig auf Leinwand geworfen...
Marcus Klossek greift zu seiner Gitarre – und wir lauschen gebannt den Rhythmen und Melodien, die er und sein Electric Trio (Roland Fidezius – bass, Philipp Bernhardt – drums) erzählerisch vor uns entwickeln. Gleich Kapiteln eines Romans oder Strophen komplexer Lyrik schafft es der Komponist und Gitarrist Marcus Klossek mit seinen Stücken ein intensiv und plastisch empfundenes Handlungsgefüge vor unserem inneren Auge entstehen zu lassen. Wie von leichter Hand hin skizziert entstehen Tongebilde von berückender Dichte, kraftvoll wie in „Into The Storm“, unbändig swingend wie „Overground“ und voll subtiler Spannung wie bei „On Your Way“. Ganz zum Schluss widmet er dann noch der unvergessenen H. Knef ein Gitarren-Solo: „Ich bin zu müde...“ In den 60ern von Charly Niessen geschrieben und von der Künstlerin mit Text versehen, kann es quasi als deutscher Jazzstandard gelten – und bietet auf „Now & Again“ den perfekten Abschluss.


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