Nik Bärtsch
Nik Bärtsch

Nik Bärtsch's Ronin Live

CD | ECM | 0602537140930 | ECM 3714093 | 09-12

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About the album

Ronin around the world: a powerful and atmospheric concert recording with music captured in Germany, Austria, Holland, England, and Japan, a double-album which transmits the live impact of Nik Bärtsch’s band and its enveloping modular groove music of interlocking rhythms. It’s also a set that marks the end of an era and the transition into a new one. These are the last recordings of Ronin with Björn Meyer’s elegantly-leaping bass guitar as one of the lead voices, and Bärtsch views the album as partly a tribute to Meyer’s long tenure with the band. New bassist Thomy Jordi, meanwhile, makes an impressive entrance on “Modul 55”, but it’s most often the whole band, as a unified field of force, that commands the listener’s attention.

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"Ronin are powerful instrumentalists who have their own collective sound"
29-04-2013 ECM 3714093 - Nik Bärtschs Ronin Live - Nik Bärtsch,

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