Bathymetric Modes
Ivar Grydeland

Bathymetric Modes

CD | Hubro | 7033662025190 | HUBRO 2519 | 11-12

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About the album

Bathymetry = underwater topography. A bathymetric chart provides information on the condition of ocean or lake floors, for example their depth.

“Bathymetric Modes” is the solo debut of one of our favourite musicians, Ivar Grydeland. He is probably best known as a member of the improvisation-based bands Huntsville, Ballrogg and Dans Les Arbres (ECM), but also plays together with the idiosyncratic pop artist Hanne Hukkelberg and the rock band Last Heat. The idea of doing a solo project has been evolving for many years, and the recording process took place over a long period of time. The result is a warm and personal instrumental album that shows new sides of Ivar Grydeland as a musician. The album consists of six compositions from the period 2007-2011. The two melodic, guitar-driven opening numbers are followed by more abstract, sound-focused compositions in which the compact graphic synthesizer Tenori-on plays a key role. “The design, limitations and possibilities of the synth inspire minimalist, repetitively patterned music,” says Ivar. “Using this repetitive, digital sound tapestry as a basis, I have tried to elicit and enhance melodies and moods with a variety of acoustic instruments.”

The music on “Bathymetric Modes” is richly image-laden, and alternates between dynamically driving and calmer and more static pieces. This album could appeal to fans of Terry Riley and Jim O´Rourke.

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Die Bathymetrie vermisst die topographische Gestalt des Meeresbodens. Ähnlich tiefgründig ist die Musik auf dem Solodebut von Ivar Grydeland, der sonst z.B. bei 'Dans Les Arbres" (ECM) mitspielt, oder bei der Rockband "Last Heat". Aber diese 6 Kompositionen sind eher von einem anderen Charakter - in einer Ruhe dahin fließend, dass man sich an Terry Riley erinnert fühlt. Konzentration auf den Sound, und diesen ohne Hast sich entwickeln lassend.


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