Paul Chihara: Ain
Paul Chihara
Various Artists

Paul Chihara: Ain't No Sunshine

CD | Bridge | 0090404926723 | BRIDG 9267 | 04-09

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About the album

Los Angeles Times critic mark Swed writes: “It is almost easier to think of Paul Chihara as several different composers. There is the Chihara whose sensitivity to exquisite instrumental color has made him a favorite with such performers as conductor Seiji Ozawa and the Sequoia String Quartet. There is, however, a strong theatrical side to Chihara which expresses itself in works for dance, musical theater and film. And there is Chihara’s love for American popular music of the 30s and 40s.” Many of these traits turn up in this panoramic survey of Paul Chihara’s recent chamber and orchestral music: The Piano Trio Ain’t No Sunshine is based on a blues ballad; the Piano Quintet is based on an Italian World War II diary; Minidoka is based on Chihara’s memories of his childhood years spent at the American WW2 camp for Japanese/Americans, Minidoka; and An Afternoon on the Perfume River, commissioned by the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, takes its title from a poem by a North Vietnamese poet. Chihara has brought together a number of today’s leading performers in this moving, superbly played recording.

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    • 1
      Ain't No Sunshine: I. Adagio con fantasia
      Composer: Paul Chihara
    • 2
      Ain't No Sunshine: II. Andante cantabile
      Composer: Paul Chihara
    • 3
      Ain't No Sunshine: III. Allegro vivace
      Composer: Paul Chihara
    • 4
      Piano Quintet, 'La foce': I. Allegretto ma non troppo
      Composer: Paul Chihara
    • 5
      Piano Quintet, 'La foce': II. Allegretto - Allegro vivace ('Bella ciao')
      Composer: Paul Chihara
    • 6
      Piano Quintet, 'La foce': III. Molto moderato - Allegretto ma non troppo
      Composer: Paul Chihara
    • 7
      Minidoka: I. Calmo e moderato
      Composer: Paul Chihara
    • 8
      Minidoka: II. Festival Dance ('Bon odori')
      Composer: Paul Chihara
    • 9
      Minidoka: III. Haiku: Andante cantabile
      Composer: Paul Chihara
    • 10
      An Afternoon On the Perfume River
      Composer: Paul Chihara

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