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Benjamin Britten / Garrett Byrnes / Toru Takemitsu / Paul Patterson / Isang Yun

Lavinia Meijer


  • Type SACD
  • Label Channel Classics
  • UPC 0723385297093
  • Catalog number CCS 29709
  • Release date 21 September 2009
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About the album

I am sometimes asked to name my favorite stylistic period. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as we’re talking about good compositions and I can give them my own personal interpretation. It’s true that even as a young performer I discovered that I had an affinity for modern music. I am particularly interested by the technical and interpretative possibilities. It gives the performer a sense of freedom. I also enjoy the challenge of making modern music, which is experienced by so many people as “difficult”, into something not only approachable but exciting. Personal contact with the composer is a priceless advantage here. I would never have been able perform the works which were written specially for me by Garret Byrnes, Carlos Michans, and Jacob TV (Jacob ter Veldhuis) with such conviction if the composers hadn’t been around.

Music for the harp has been composed in every imaginable style over the centuries, and in the process certain structures and “rules” have come into being which were largely obeyed by every self-respecting composer. But in the last century things changed; the limits were extended. A few composers, such as Carlos Salzedo, deliberately departed from the beaten path, even though it was sometimes a struggle before they could ultimately realise their personal visions. My experience has been similar. I have more or less demanded the right to experiment with new music in order to establish my own place on the concert platform.

“Visions” presents a varied picture of recent repertoire from the last forty years. The title, which derives from the work by Garrett Byrnes, seems to me to fit this CD and its experimental atmosphere. It is a deliberate contrast with “Divertissements” (Salzedo, Caplet, and Ibert), my first CD for Channel Classics. My interpretation of “Visions in Twilight” is intended as a homage to the Turkish harpist Fatma Ceren Necipoglu, who died so tragically, at the untimely age of 36, in the Air France crash of 1 June 2009. Fatma gave the world premiere of this piece, which was written for her. Only a few days before her death, she performed it again during the fourth Rio Harp Festival.
Lavinia Meijer

  • 1
    Suite, Op. 83 Overture
    Composer: Benjamin Britten
  • 1
    Suite, Op. 83 Toccata
    Composer: Benjamin Britten
  • 1
    Suite, Op. 83 Nocturne
    Composer: Benjamin Britten
  • 1
    Suite, Op. 83 Fugue
    Composer: Benjamin Britten
  • 1
    Suite, Op. 83 Hymn, St. Denio
    Composer: Benjamin Britten
  • 1
    Spiders, Op. 48 The Dancing White Lady
    Composer: Paul Patterson
  • 1
    Spiders, Op. 48 The Red-backed Spider
    Composer: Paul Patterson
  • 1
    Spiders, Op. 48 The Black Widow
    Composer: Paul Patterson
  • 1
    Spiders, Op. 48 Tarantula
    Composer: Paul Patterson
  • 1
    Bugs, Op. 93 Late Night ANT-ics!
    Composer: Paul Patterson
  • 1
    Bugs, Op. 93 The Lost Locust
    Composer: Paul Patterson
  • 1
    Bugs, Op. 93 Mosquito Massacre
    Composer: Paul Patterson
  • 1
    Visions in Twilight
    Composer: Garrett Byrnes
  • 1
    In Balance
    Composer: Isang Yun
  • 1
    Stanza II for Harp and Tape
    Composer: Toru Takemitsu

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