The Calm of Einaudi
Christine Rayner

The Calm of Einaudi

CD | Attuned Heart Recordings | 5060268640023 | AHR 001 | 10-11

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About the album

This debut album by classically trained and experienced performing pianist Christine Rayner, released by Proper Music Group in November 2011, is a compilation of the more restful works of Ludovico Einaudi, put together “to offer listeners an hour of peace, calm and relaxation.” 
Because funds from sales are donated to UK Cancer Charities and research (Rayner is a cancer survivor - see ‘Biography’ for more information) Einaudi himself has supported the album by giving the following quote for inclusion on the cover: 

“It is very nice when music can help other people and I wish all the best to Christine Rayner’s beautiful project.”
Reviews of ‘The Calm of Einaudi’ can be found on Rayner’s website at: www.braveamazons.comas well as more about this artist in general, and especially her thoughts concerning the music of Ludovico Einaudi.

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