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About the album

As a child, Patrizio Buanne fell in the love with the music of the 50s and 60s and maintains that old school cool with his rich baritone voice and romantic crooning.

Buanne spent his childhood shuttling between homes in Naples and Vienna, which sparked an early love for language. It seemed a natural progression for Buanne to study Slavic languages at university. While he studied, he also cultivated his gift of song. He won a local singing competition and, at the age of 17, performed for Pope John Paul II. After university, Buanne was offered a position as a TV entertainer in Italy. Yet, he dreamed of success in the music industry.

In 2005, he recorded at the famous Abbey Road studios and produced The Italian, an album mixing traditional Neapolitan romance and singing tradition with Italian standards from the 50s and 60s. 
In less than two years, his debut album The Italian and Forever Begins Tonight had captured the hearts of fans of timeless Italian songs worldwide to the extent that over a million albums were sold, and all this without Patrizio having an international radio hit or professional music management.

2008 Jim Morey, one of America’s biggest and most long-standing Managers recognized Patrizio's potentials and secured under the helm of veteran music producers such as, Humberto Gatica, a man who felt in love with Patrizio's voice and understood his vision from the very first day, and Brian Rawlings who is responsible for countless hits in the last 20years, and was enthusiastic to write for Patrizio's new release.
This new fresh team has ever since collaborated on researching more tunes of the Italian songbook, that have become Patrizio's trade mark, but that also feature this time Patrizio´s own contemporary and timeless interpretation of International and American standards, alongside some stunning new compositions for an eponymous titled CD. Simply named, Patrizio.  

Its first release in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South Africa, responded not only with Platinum awards but with an immediate tour schedule for Austral-Asia in May 2010 and a preparation for his European and US release 2011. 
Teaming with Concord Music Group, Patrizio released on Concord Jazz on September 20, 2011 in the midst of a healthy stateside tour.  Delivering his entertaining mix of romance and swagger, The Boston Globe said, “Think Tom Jones, Italian style…” Time Out New York commented, “You’ll feel like you’re in a Scorsese movie.” 
Most recently, on November 14th in New York City, Buanne performed two songs as part of the Friars Club Tribute to Larry King. The event, emceed by Katie Couric, also features such superstar artists as Jon Bon Jovi, Tony Bennett, and many other luminaries.

But what quality separates Patrizio from other great artists? Is it the natural grace of his voice, the “rugged” good looks, or the confident, casual, respectful attention that he gives to his audience? Or is it just the basic trust he evokes in people? Italy has provided a simple word to describe all of the above; “Simpatico”. 


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    • 1
      Solo Tu
    • 2
      Why did you have to be ?
    • 3
    • 4
      Have You ever really loved a woman?
    • 5
      Mambo Italiano
    • 6
    • 7
      Never, never, never
    • 8
      Maybe this summer
    • 9
      Fly me to the moon
    • 10
      This kiss tonight
    • 11
      Make love
    • 12
      You're my everything

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January 20th 2014 03:51
Enzo torresan:
Hi There Any update on my request ,could you pls advise one way or another or if you cannot do let me know where I can go for a father /daughter dance song , a sooky catchy song , and if in half Italian & Australian would be grouse.
January 14th 2014 02:11
Enzo torresan:
Dear sir /madam My last daughter is getting married in September this year , would like to know if there any chance that Patricio could have a grouse after/daughter song as I would love to make this special night a statement and have the guests jaws drop , a nice slow , sooky song pref in Italian, ( would be a total smash if Patricio was in Melbourne around this time and would be spectacular if he would perform live ( we would then have to scrap the guests off the floor but this I know would be out of my monetary budget and also availability too I Dreaming again) pls advise if this is possible to have this special song. Many many thanks Enzo