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Ludwig van Beethoven / Julien-Francois Zbinden / Martin Fondse / Luciano Berio / Wim Henderickx / Derek Bourgeois / Peter Eben / Wilhelm von Grunelius / Thomas Wilson / Alexandre Luigini

Wim Van Hasselt

On The Road

  • Type SACD
  • Label Channel Classics
  • UPC 0723385318118
  • Catalog number CCS 31811
  • Release date 28 October 2011
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About the album

Jack Kerouac’s book On the Road saw the light of day in 1957. It was to become the cult book of the beat generation. To be forever-on-the-road was a new attitude to life, a present-day interpretation of the bohemian type, and it came to inspire generations of pop musicians. For the Arts, borders have always been irrelevant. Bach and Mozart sought inspiration in the music of all the countries around them. Bartók travelled endlessly and as far as Africa. The works on the present CD were written by composers from nine European countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France,

Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Scotland, England and Italy. Nothing less than a journey through the trumpet repertoire of Europe.
Wim Van Hasselt selected the works on the grounds of quality and diversity. Born in Belgium, his passion for the trumpet took him quickly to Louvain, Brussels and – new to him – the city of Karlsruhe, where he studied with Reinhold Friedrich, in the words of Van Hasselt “an icon in the trumpet world and a source of inspiration for this CD”. Like so many music students, he went ‘on the road’ to find a good teacher. In Karlsruhe he got to know the Japanese pianist Eriko Takezawa, who accompanied him as répétiteur for his entrance exam at the Hochschule and has often played with him since. Then Van Hasselt’s dream to play in the best possible orchestra took
him to Berlin and Amsterdam. And this CD was yet another dream. “Not only to stretch my own boundaries, but particularly because I really want people to hear this music. I have looked for the extremes of trumpet repertoire and have compiled a varied programme with pieces in all sorts of colours and styles, ranging from classical through belle époque to contemporary.”

  • 1
    Concertino for Trumpet, Snare Drum and Piano, Op. 6
    Composer: Julien-Francois Zbinden
  • 1
    Caprice for Cornet and Piano
    Composer: Alexandre Luigini
  • 1
    Fidelio, Op. 72 'Komm, Hoffnung, lass den letzten Stern'
    Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
  • 1
    Trio for Trumpet, Trombone and Piano, Op. 285 Moderato con moto
    Composer: Derek Bourgeois
  • 1
    Trio for Trumpet, Trombone and Piano, Op. 285 Andante espressivo
    Composer: Derek Bourgeois
  • 1
    Trio for Trumpet, Trombone and Piano, Op. 285 Moderato ma con fuoco
    Composer: Derek Bourgeois
  • 1
    Fantasia Vespertina for Trumpet and Piano
    Composer: Peter Eben
  • 1
    Scenette a due for Flute and Muted Trumpet Lento e sciolto
    Composer: Wilhelm von Grunelius
  • 1
    Scenette a due for Flute and Muted Trumpet Moderato con anima
    Composer: Wilhelm von Grunelius
  • 1
    Scenette a due for Flute and Muted Trumpet Allegro scherzando
    Composer: Wilhelm von Grunelius
  • 1
    Scenette a due for Flute and Muted Trumpet Lento ma non trappo
    Composer: Wilhelm von Grunelius
  • 1
    Cartoon for Cornet and Piano
    Composer: Thomas Wilson
  • 1
    ON THE ROAD for Trumpet and Electronics
    Composer: Wim Hendrickx
  • 1
    Splitting Wood for Flugelhorn/Trumpet, Cello, Bass Clarinet and Fender Rhodes Piano: hit the soft ground
    Composer: Martin Fondse
  • 1
    Splitting Wood for Flugelhorn/Trumpet, Cello, Bass Clarinet and Fender Rhodes Piano: once opened, never be closed
    Composer: Martin Fondse
  • 1
    Good Night for Trumpet Solo
    Composer: Luciano Berio

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