The Formula
Six City Stompers

The Formula

CD | Stunt | 0663993121727 | STUCD 12172 | 03-13

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About the album

There is nothing like one thing.
I have friends who have visited the mountains of Himalaya, shaved their heads and
embraced Shiva in that very special deep way. That’s all they think of. Nothing else.
Others have delved into the wonderful and occasionally dangerous world of cooking.
They will taste anything. A door, an old bicycle, a deathly poisonous mushroom, a
frog or a thorny branch. And they cook it all and make foam out of it and marinade
it. Everything they do is related to food.
It goes without saying, that I like them. They’re my friends. But I don’t like them as
much as I like Six City Stompers. Because they know something my friends don’t
know. That life isn’t just one thing. Not everything is purple. Or green. They know
that life is thousands of things, and none of it scares them.... elegant arranged wind instrument is the hallmark of the sextet...
18-03-2013 Mainstream

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