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Franz Schubert / Igor Stravinsky / Ástor Piazzolla / John Cage / Henri Vieuxtemps / Richard Drigo / Esther Apituley / Gabriël Fauré

Esther Apituley

Viola Voilà

€ 18.95
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  • Type CD
  • Label Challenge Classics
  • UPC 0608917216523
  • Catalog number CC 72165
  • Release date 14 February 2013

About the album

In polar the regions dwells a strange animal with paws made of crystal, in the form of a tall champagne glass with a round base, a bit like the rackets people use in order to walk through deep fresh snow. These beasts are called hydropaths, and they are made of snow and ice. Their eyes resemble multi-coloured pearls. Hydropaths. ‘Hydro-‘ means ‘water’, thus rock crystal, and ‘-paths’ (‘pattes’) means ‘paws’. Hydropaths are creatures that can walk on water. On the ‘Discovery channel they have not yet heard of these beasts made of snow and ice, but in the fantasy world the impossible becomes possible.

When playing the viola I can sometimes vanish into the great void; then my bow and fingers take on a life of their own. These moments are an unusual and pre- cious blessing. After intense wrestling with the instrument I am rewarded with something I would call a temporary state of higher consciousness: I lose myself in the music, which takes me on a journey. I wander through distant, dazzling land- scapes of ice and snow. The strings of my viola cause the crystal landscape to vibrate; I shudder, shimmer and melt.
I have just become a hydropath.

Esther Apituley 

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