Bailes, Tonadas & Cachuas (from Trujillo, Peru)
Música Temprana

Bailes, Tonadas & Cachuas (from Trujillo, Peru)

CD | Cobra | 8713897903249 | COBRA 0036 | 03-13

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About the album

This CD is among the very few recordings of the complete musical works of the Codex Trujillo del Perú (1780 – 1790), as compiled by the Spanish Bishop Martínez Compañón.
The variety of the twenty pieces recorded by the bishop reflects the area’s cultural wealth, itself the fruit of the mixes between distinct racial groups. It also reveals the state of music at a key historical moment, prior to the disintegration of colonial society. The music pieces are an exciting blend of Spanish colonial baroque music and indigenous (i.e. Indian and African) sounds and rhythms. It is the only example of a full, coherent set of popular Latin American music being transcribed in this period. 

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Beautiful songs, sometimes melancholic, often exuberant, highly rhythmic, determined to sing with, to dance to or simply to listen to, unpretentious, powerful and for everybody.
Luister Magazine
01-06-2013 COBRA 0036 - Luister Magazine - Música Temprana Bailes, Tonadas & Cachuas (from Trujillo, Peru)

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