Catching Waves
Veronica Mortensen

Catching Waves

CD | Stunt | 0663993130125 | STUCD 13012 | 05-13

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About the album

Veronica Mortensen’s new CD, “Catching Waves” will be released on March 11, precisely ten years after her debut album, “Pieces in a Puzzle” from 2003. The past decade has seen the release of three albums and numerous concerts in Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Poland, Russia and Thailand and repeated appearances with big bands including Bohuslän Big Band, DR Big Band, Klüver’s Big Band, Ernie Wilkins Almost Big
Band and Tivoli Big Band.
During this busy period Veronica has refined and developed her vocal and songwriting skills. Without help from any media stunts, this charming and natural singer with her catchy and jazzy repertoire has discreetly become
one of Denmark’s most popular international vocalists. A “musician’s musician”, her fascinating voice, natural timing and charismatic personality finds new audiences daily all over the world. “Catching Waves” is Veronica Mortensen’s best album yet.


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