Berlin Kaboom!
Max von Mosch Orchestra

Berlin Kaboom!

CD | ACT music | 0614427955920 | ACT 95592 | 09-13

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About the album

“The Sorcerer – clever, complex, and experimental, that’s what the pieces by Max von Mosch are. But foremost the music by saxophonist has one identifying quality: it is completely devoted to melody.”

When a young jazz musician composes a suite and calls it "Berlin Kaboom!", it calls to mind the many young guns in the German capital's jazz scene. Saxophonist Max von Mosch, who does exactly this with his first own ACT album, has only lived in Berlin for two years, and despite being just 33 years of age, he is already an old hand and figurehead of German jazz.
His career to date is inseparably linked to the name Max.bab, the quartet that Max von Mosch founded in 2000 together with a trio of friends from his school big-band: pianist Benedikt Jahnel, bassist Benjamin Schäfer and drummer Andi Haberl. They achieved immediate success by winning the national youth jazz competition "Jugend jazzt", and were from then on seen as the next big hope of German jazz. And rightly so, international accolades followed, famous colleagues such as Charlie Mariano, Wolfgang Muthspiel and Klaus Doldinger came to meet and greet, and today the four young talents have recorded seven CDs, the one before last entitled "Inner Orbit" in the ACT series "Young German Jazz".

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