Dance Around In Your Bones
Michael Jaeger Kerouac

Dance Around In Your Bones

CD | Intakt Records | 7640120192198 | INTAKT 219 | 10-13

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About the album

Kerouac plays with rhythms and sounds and spaces. A door within a door opens up into a new space of experience. And so it goes on – much to the surprise of the listener and to the musicians themselves. Without a doubt, the band Kerouac has already reached a high plateau but is still 'on the road'», writes Bert Noglik in his liner notes.

Groove is the key concept for this album – a kind of physical kinetic energy, which gets minds and body going. The rhythmical element combines with a kind of magic, at times with the ecstatic, in conjuring up a ritual …

Michael Jaeger's playing takes its origins from the spirit of black ballads. It is present day stories which are being told here and which then fan out. If there is an echo of John Coltrane here, a hint of Evan Parker there and finally also a tiny tribute to Jimmy Giuffre, it is neither about borrowing idioms nor about playing quotes, it is about playing with a wealth of experience.

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Intelligent jazz with a lot of power and poetry, with plenty of space and a refined use of tone colors
01-11-2013 INTAKT 219 - Dance Around In Your Bones - Michael Jaeger Kerouac - Jazzmozaiek

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