Krebs: Sämtliche Orgelwerke Vol. 1 - 11
Johann Ludwig Krebs

Krebs: Sämtliche Orgelwerke Vol. 1 - 11

CD | Querstand | 4025796013214 | VKJK 1321 | 10-13

About the album

In 2013, the music world will celebrate the 300th Birthday of Johann Ludwig Krebs , probably the most important students of Johann Sebastian Bach. The publishing group Kamprad organized in this context, a large complex project, which consists among others of a complete recording of the rarely heard choral and orchestral works of Krebs, an accompanying concert tour in autumn 2013 (both with the ensemble Merseburger Hofmusik under Michael Beauty) and a student project.

A 12 CD set performed on the following organs:  Trost Organ Altenburg, Castle Church (Vol. 1, 3, 7, 8) · Silbermann Organ Ponitz (Vol. 2) · Trost Organ Großengottern (Vol. 4) · Silbermann Organ Frankenstein (Vol. 5) · Silbermann Organ Freiberg, St. Petri (Vol. 6) · Schramm Organ Wechselburg, St. Otto (Vol. 9) · Hildebrandt Organ Naumburg, St. Wenzel (Vol. 10) · Eule Organ Zeitz, Cathedral (Vol. 11)

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