Doulce Mémoire
Magaret Little / Sylvain Bergeron

Doulce Mémoire

CD | Atma Classique | 0722056268523 | ACD 22685 | 04-14

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About the album

Margeret Little and Sylvain Bergeron are musical colleagues for many years. They share their passion for early music with this new recording.
Both have crossed the five continents as soloist or chamber players. They have won praises for their musical sensitivity and virtuosity and for their ability to communicate with their audience. 

This CD takes its title from of one of the most celebrated madrigals of the 16th century, Doulce Mémoire by Pierre Sandrin. The important Renaissance art of improvisation is on display on this recording, which includes works by Diego Ortiz, Giovanni Bassano, and music from The division Violin published by John Playford.

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Musik für Laute und Viola da Gamba mit zwei Musikern, die die Kunst der Improvisation erstklassig beherrschen.

„Doulce Mémoire“ stammt vom Titel des berühmtesten Madrigals des 16. Jahrhunderts, das der Komponist Pierre Sandrin schrieb. Doulce mémoire bezeichnet aber auch die Kunst der Improvisation und der Variation in der Renaissance. Margaret Little und Sylvain Bergeron gehen dieser Kunst nach und präsentieren einmalige Werke von Diego Ortiz, Giovanni Bassano, John Playford, Nicholas Lanier und anderen.

 The quality of the variations is high and the music has it’s enormous depth, although most of the melodies aren’t familiar any more. This duo plays a wonderful and heroic set, not only as a duo but also as soloists. You might get the illusions listening to more than two instruments. 
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03-06-2014 ACD 22685 - Doulce Mémoire - Magaret Little / Sylvain Bergeron - Musicframes
27-05-2014 ACD 22685 - Doulce Mémoire - Magaret Little / Sylvain Bergeron -

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