Excursion, Music for double bass
Ernest Bloch / Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky / Henry Eccles / Mikhail Glinka / Franz Anton Hoffmeister / Arne Hellan
Erling Sunnarvik

Excursion, Music for double bass

CD | Lawo Classics | 7090020180533 | LWC 1052 | 02-14

About the album

«This CD is dedicated to my very good friend, double bassist, music professor, and composer Knut Guettler (1943–2013), and Norwegian composer Arne Hellan (1953–2002).» – Erling Sunnarvik Arne Hellan's
«Excursion for double bass and piano» was commissioned by Erling Sunnarvik, who premiered it in 1991 with pianist Hilde Ringlund.

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